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About Us
This page provides information about the organization that operates this website and the supporters that have come forward to help bring more attention to the Charles Erickson case.

Brady Violations
This page highlights the many lies of former prosecutor Kevin Crane, including the Brady violations that led the Western District Court of Appeals to vacate Ryan Ferguson's the conviction. 

Case Files
This page provides case files from Ryan Ferguson's 2005 trial. As the result of a coerced false confession, Charles Erickson plead guilty, and accepted a plea deal to testify against Ryan Ferguson. Therefore there was no trial for Charles. The case files listed on the page pertain to Ryan Ferguson's trial. These case files are vital to Charles's case because Ryan's defense proves the innocence of both Ryan and Charles. 

Case Summary
This page provides a complete summary of the case, detailing how the case progressed from the time of the Kent Heitholt's murder to the present. The page includes videos and links to vital information on the case. 

False Confessions
This page provides information on Charles Erickson's interrogation that led to a false confession. The page also includes expert analysis detailing false confessions and case summaries of other famous cases that were affected by false confessions.

Kent Heitholt
This page discusses the fact that Kent Heitholt's murder remains unsolved . The page includes the Expert analysis of retired Forensic Engineer Ron Hendry, and includes updates on the current position of the Columbia Police Department. 

Michael Boyd
The last man to see Kent Heitholt alive has never been properly investigated. Columbia Tribune sports writer Michael Boyd was the last person to see Kent Heitholt alive. Boyd’s statements place him at the scene of the crime, and papers found next to Heitholt’s body also suggest that Boyd was at the scene at the time of the murder. 

Media Coverage
This page provides recent media coverage on the case. 

Ryan Ferguson
On November 12, 2013, Ryan Ferguson was released from prison after 9 years, 8 months and 2 days. Ryan Ferguson is a free man.

Who is Charles? 
This page provides a brief summary of Charles's life leading up to his arrest. The page includes a letter from Charles to supporters, as well as excerpts from his mother Marianne Erickson. 

This page highlights the witness testimony of Jerry Trump, Christine Varner, Shawna Ornt, and Dallas Mallory

You Can Help
This page provides information that encourages supporters of Charles Erickson to help raise awareness about his case.
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