Kent Heitholt
Kent Heitholt was brutally murdered on November 1, 2001, in Columbia, Missouri. Heitholt was the sports editor for the Columbia Tribune.  Heitholt's body was found next to his car in the Tribune parking lot. Heitholt had been struck from behind sustaining multiple head injuries and was strangled with his own belt.  Fellow Tribune employee Michael Boyd was the last person to see Heitholt alive. Boyd claims that he met with Heitholt briefly in the parking lot before driving away at around 2:20 AM. According to CBS 48 Hours, Heithold was known by colleagues as a hard working and friendly man, that left behind a wife and two teenage children.

Kent Heitholt's murder remains unsolved. The truth is clear that Ryan Ferguson and Charles Erickson had absolutely nothing to do with the murder of Kent Heitholt. This case needs to be reopened by authorities. 

A Facebook cause page called Justice for Kent Heitholt has been created in search of justice for Kent Heitholt and his family. Their mission statement reads: "Our mission is to see the investigation into the murder of Kent Heitholt re-opened so that the public can know the truth, the victims’ family can receive the justice it deserves and the person or persons responsible for the murder are finally brought to justice."

Justice for Kent Heitholt recently worked with Forensic Engineer Ron Hendry to present a professional analysis of the crime scene. Mr. Hendry's expert analysis includes a detailed reconstruction of the violent struggle between Kent Heitholt and his killer and a new theory about the assault weapon used by the killer.
Ron Hendry is a retired Forensic Engineer (aka Accident Reconstructionist) with 28 years of experience at evaluating and reconstructing serious to fatal incidents based on the physical evidence. Mr. Hendry is a degreed Mechanical Engineer who held a Professional Engineering License during his consulting career. His body of work was primarily with regard civil litigation matters. However, his work has required him to extensively interact with police and review their reports, interview witnesses, review autopsy reports, and review statements and depositions of witnesses and experts. Ron has extensive experience in evaluating incidents from scene photos and witness testimony in cases where the physical evidence was no longer around. In several instances, Ron has evaluated injuries of those involved to ascertain how they occurred.

In 2010, Ron Hendry was provided extraordinary access to the crime scene photos and videos of the Meredith Kercher murder that occurred in 2007, in Perugia, Italy. From those he was able to reconstruct how Rudy Guede, acting alone, broke into her apartment flat and carried out the murder and assault. 

His published articles on the case can be found on the Injustice In Perugia website. In 2013, Ron Hendry published an ebook on Amazon vividly describing the night of the murder and entitled “Single Attacker Theory of the Murder of Meredith Kercher.” 

Of particular importance to the Heitholt murder investigation, Ron Hendry has extensive experience evaluating pavement and vehicle markings to reconstruct what happened.
Ron Hendry's Ten Part Series Analyzing The Heitholt Murder Crime Scene

Why Do Police Consider Case Cleared?

In a recent interview with Komu news, Columbia Police Department Sgt. Joe Bernhard, stated that the Columbia Police Department detectives are currently reviewing more than 400 police reports connected to the case, but it's still considered cleared.

"We still made 2 arrests, so that clears the case," Sgt. Joe Bernhard said. "Whether the convictions further on down the line- when we clear a case it's because there's an arrest or an exception."

Chief Burton Gives Update On Heitholt Homicide Case

COLUMBIA, MO (November 13, 2013)

"The Columbia Police Department Has received multiple inquiries regarding the status of this case. The Department is reviewing the available options internally as to how or whether or not to proceed with additional investigation and/or a review of the case. Once a decision is made, I will release additional information. As always, we will continue to accept new information from anyone who is willing to come forward."

Hopefully this review will lead to the re-opening of the case. We will post updates here whenever they become available. Please visit the Justice for Kent Heitholt Facebook page to learn more about their efforts. 
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Ron Hendry
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